Virtual Football PRO on demand | Sport betting solutions by Golden Race

A virtual soccer out of FIFA, rush football of 2 minutes game created for real punters. Own your own league and use this gambling solution for your business.

Nowadays in 2018, the virtual soccer is the reigning king of virtual Sports.

Only Golden Race gives you glorious fully digital 3D Virtual Football with every major competition in the world represented, unique odds for each game, and the ability to create any custom match desired.

Live-rendering directly on the box means that you will never see the same match twice, that one box ( ) can display every league, and that entire news leagues, customizations, statistics and uniforms will update in minutes!!

• Single match, cup, and league formats.
– Fast results with matches up to 90 seconds long.
– Up to 6 goals possible per match.
• Every major competition in the world available.
• Create completely custom competitions on demand.
• Direct in game branding for kits, billboards, video screens, and more.
• All the betting markets.
• Real odds from professional in-house bookmakers.
• Professional voice-over in every major language.
• Authentic camera angles from a real soccer cameramen.

• A knockout style tournament of 16 teams.
• Played over 4 rounds.
• Combination bets across rounds.
• Last minute "Golden Goal" tiebreaker available in the event of a draw.

• Point-based leagues of up to 20 teams.
• Played over 38 match days only a few minutes apart.
• Each match day showcasing up to 10 matches played at the same time.
• Display of 10 complete matches simultaneously across 2 screens.
• Watch only one match and follow the rest with LIVE.

Completely realistic game, inspired in the best football, entirely in digital 3D for ultimate control and customization. Golden Race use live-rendering.
Each event is unique and customizations are fast and data friendly.

The best gamming gambling virtual betting game of the year.
Your solution of football simulator / emulator.
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